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uncle-c 12-04-2008 02:58 PM

SSH and secure FTP tunnel from remote computer : Is this scenario possible ?
Hello folks,
I've been doing some reading on SSH and finding out and learning more about its very useful features. I was particularly impressed with the -D option which allows usage of the socks proxy facility when browsing the web in insecure environments. This got me thinking as I would like to do something similar but with FTP.
Here goes.
PC 1: -----SSH---------------> PC 2: ----FTP-----> FTPSite ( no sshd)

PC 1: <--secure----file.txt---secure------PC 2:<------file.txt ----FTPSite

The FTPsite is not running sshd so it will have to be standard ftp between PC2 and FTPSite , this connections' security is of lesser importance but the connection between PC1 and PC2 is more likely to be compromised and hence needs to be encrypted.
I could easily ftp direct from PC1 to FTPsite but that would be insecure. Or I could ssh into PC2, ftp to FTPSite from there and then use scp to copy to PC1 but that seems a bit long winded.
Would the above secure ftp tunnel be possible with a ssh command culminating in me then ftp'ing ( from PC1) to localhost:xxxx which would be a secure connection to FTPsite ?

Thanks again !


teknik 12-04-2008 04:06 PM

you could always just use SFTP...

rizwanrafique 12-04-2008 04:10 PM

duplicated so editing

rizwanrafique 12-04-2008 04:14 PM

ssh tunnel can be setup using something like:


ssh -L localhost:<local_port>:<ftp_server>:<ftp_port> ssh_usernanme@ssh_host

ssh -L
Connect to ftp server using:

ftp localhost 2100
That's how you setup and use ssh tunnel. You'll have to dig up a bit to use data and control ports over tunnel.

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