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fernfrancis 05-04-2010 06:10 AM

squid problem
hi i have squid running in my network the problem i am facing is that once a week the squid service is dead, i checked the log files bu could not figure out what the problem is it gives me the error
squid dead but pid file exist
squid error no running copy

i have written a script that just moves the compressed log files from the /var/log/squid files to /media/usbdisk the script is as follows i suspect that this problem arises because of the script coz the script runs every week and the next day i get this problem

cd /var/log/squid
YMD="`date +%d%b%y`"
echo "------------------------------------------------" >> ~/squid_script/log
echo -e "backup of squid logs on $YMD\n" >> ~/squid_script/log
echo "------------------------------------------------" >> ~/squid_script/log
for file in a*.gz
echo -e "renamed file $file to $file$YMD " >> ~/squid_script/log
mv $file /media/usbdisk/squid/access/$file$YMD
echo -e "file $file$YMD transfered to /media/usbdisk/squid/access/ \n" >> ~/squid_script/log

for file in c*.gz
echo -e "renamed file $file to $file$YMD " >> ~/squid_script/log
mv $file /media/usbdisk/squid/$file$YMD
echo -e "file $file$YMD transfered to /media/usbdisk/squid/cache/ \n" >> ~/squid_script/log

for file in s*.gz
echo $file
echo -e "renamed file $file to $file$YMD " >> ~/squid_script/log
mv $file /media/usbdisk/squid/store/$file$YMD
echo -e "file $file$YMD transfered to /media/usbdisk/squid/store/ \n" >> ~/squid_script/log
echo "------------------------------------------------" >> ~/squid_script/log

please if anyone find something that is causing the problem in the script please rectify it for me me.

fernfrancis 05-04-2010 09:36 AM

please help me on this issue

markotitel 05-04-2010 10:23 AM

Maybe it is because you move the log file so squid dont find it anymore and freezes? Just a gues though . .

grail 05-04-2010 10:52 AM

What is the purpose of your script?
Is this in an aide to reduce disk usage?

I would agree withmarkotitel as it seems you move the file to the new location which in effect breaks the connection that
squid has to all these logs.
I would be guessing but it appears you would have to do something like empty the contents into a file on your USB drive rather than break than connection

fernfrancis 05-05-2010 12:45 AM

yes your absolutely right, the script is to reduce disk utilization
how do i overcome this , actually i move the files which are rotated weekly not the current log files ,
even i had the same feeling but was not sure, any way to overcome this as my hard drive gets full with the squid logs weekly

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