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ScooterB 01-08-2004 04:39 PM

SpamAssassin - Please Help!
I have asked this on another forum but got no answers. I have an email server running RH9. I have Vexira for Mail Servers (Milter version). I need to get Spam Assassin up and running as we have been slammed with spam trying to dump a worm on us. Luckily Vexira caught it and wouldn't let it through. But I think if I had Spam Assassin up and going it would block it. I know nothing about how to configure it or anything. I asked this question before and was referred to a site where instructions were posted to do this with Sun, but not with RH9. I can make no sense out of the man pages. Can anybody point me in the correct location to get it up and running? I have tried going to but can't make much sense out of there either.I would appreciate any help and I thank you in advance!!! :newbie:

Texicle 01-08-2004 05:34 PM

SpamAssassin How-To for using RH9 stock RPMs updated

I found this by clicking on the link you provided and then going through links from there. Hopefully this is of help to you. As for actually obtaining the Spam Assassin software, you'll have to get the RPMs from somewhere (although somewhere in my clicking around I think I saw that RedHat has this software available already--not too sure though).

You might also want to look into your mail program it will be running from, as there are several HOW-TOs at the documentation site:


Walk-throughs and How-To's - Greg Webster's How-To on installing SpamAssassin with Postfix+procmail on a site-wide basis, with individual 'spam' mailboxes. - Advosys Consulting's step-by-step instructions on how to get Postfix to use both SpamAssassin and Anomy Sanitizer (a virus blocking system). - How-To's for setting up a stable Red Hat mail server with SpamAssassin. - Some notes on using SpamAssassin with Mutt, by Justin R. Miller.

ScooterB 01-09-2004 10:10 AM

Thanks for replying. I haven't had a chance to follow your help yet but will try to do so today. If not, then maybe this weekend. I'll repost and let you know. Thanks again for your assistance.

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