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bad_andy 09-07-2004 02:31 PM

Spam Filters for Slackware 10.0
I have Slackware 10.0, and despite the learning curve, I'm working my way through it. Right now, all of my email accounts are set up in Kmail, but I want to use a spam filter to screen out the hordes of junk that come through. Spamassassin gets high marks, but I can't even figure out how to install it, much less use it. The language is SOooo over my head, it's ridiculous.

Is there another package that's a little more for the common man, or can someone walk me through Spamassassin installation?

Tinkster 09-07-2004 03:02 PM

I haven't done that myself, but a few other must :)

There's heaps of hits on

If Spamassasin really is too tough you can always use
KMails filters, and only stick mail from know people into
your inbox or stuff like that.


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