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nouwen 09-09-2003 04:26 PM

Sound recording
Hi there,
I'm a newbie, using RedHat 9 on a toshiba equium 7000s, pii 233mhz, 64mb and a Crystal CS4236B sound card. I'm using windowmaker since it uses considerably less resources than gnome or kde, but the question i have seems independent of the window manager. I'm using linux mainly for LaTeX and emacs, but I got a very interested in sound applications when i saw how much recording software was available.

The problem i encounter is with recording sound. I can record sound using simple recording means as e.g. "rec" or "record". But as soon as i use more advanced programs like ecasound, gnusound or some other multitrack recording projects things go horibly wrong. What basically happens is that these applications just refuse to record. Usually these programs use /dev/dsp as recording device but i've tried other settings as well. It seems as if the programs do not recognise any recording-means.

What's worse, after trying to record it's sometimes no longer possible to hear the microphone throught the speaker. Other times, i can hear everything perfectly well through the speakers and `record' or `rec' seem to be recording (i.e. `record' indicates an incomming signal) but the resulting wav does not seem to contain any sound.

Finally, when experimenting with the mixer, something odd happens when I mute the "line" track. This results in an increbibly loud and long *beep*.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Any tips? I hope so.



QtCoder 10-03-2003 01:55 AM

Hi Rick.

Sadly, I don't have any answers for you, but I have had all the same troubles. I could plug in my mic, hear myself through the speakers, but when trying to record anything with any non-command-line recording tool, one of several things happened:

1- The program would crash
2- Nothing at all (ie no recording happening)
3- Complete crash of linux
4- That annoying long *beep*

I had been trying to record data from my two-way radio. Again, I could hear sound through the speakers, but I could never record.

Best of luck on getting an answer. If you learn something elsewhere (outside of linuxquestions), please let me know.

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