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laiju 03-25-2005 08:29 AM

sound problems on fedora core 2
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iam new to linux
i have installed fedora core 2.
i was not able to hear any sound,but the soundcard detection was proper.
so i used aumix and maxed the master and all other volumes.then the sound came back.
but when i reboot the sound volume again goes to minimum and when i play xmms iam not able to hear any sound.

so anyone help me.iam new to linux.

SteveSch 03-25-2005 09:17 AM


If the sound works as root the following may help.


Sound works for user 'root' but not for others

This is to do with the fact that the audio device (/dev/dsp) is group owned by 'audio', but none of the users are part of that group. To correct this, run:

adduser <username> audio

Ensuring that if the users you are adding; are logged in at the time you ran the above command, that they logout and log back in again for it to work.
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