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m3th 08-03-2003 08:33 PM

Sound not working in RH9 + some basic problems :/
first of all, HI!

im using redhat 9.0 and i cant get the sound working, the Soundcard Detection thingie finds my soundcard:
Vendor: Creative Labs
Model: SB Live! EMU10k1
Module: emu10k1

i tried to play some mp3's with this XMMS player and i did get the MP3 plugin for the program but i still cant hear anything :O
im not a noob in general with computers = yes, i the speakers are connected correctly. yes, the soundcard is connected correctly (d'oh)
yes, the speakers are ON.

the weird part with this is that when i try to play a mp3 file it "plays" it thru in like 3seconds like it was fastforwarding or something, i cant hear anything thou.
how to execute something? it just opens the files in some "notepad" like program. and i dont know the command in this konsole/terminal thing. well i hope someone can help me thx.

DrOzz 08-03-2003 08:43 PM

right click xmms and go to the preferences and maybe try different settings...maybe something is just set up wrong in there.
and what are you trying to open that opens up in the "notepad type program" :D

m3th 08-03-2003 11:26 PM

a couple of more questions..

i installed this wine(x) thing and now i cant find it anywhere, so where does this go? does it create something in the "main menu" ?

and i also installed MLdonkey, but i dont know how to start it, it just says
Your system supports 1024 file descriptors
Resolving [] ...cannot handle file '' with TLS data

and almost same thing with aMSN it says

[m3th@cs78210134 msn]$ ./amsn
bash: ./amsn: /usr/bin/wish: bad interpreter: No such file or directory
when i try to start it..

hmm i thought :Pengy: would be easy :cry:

ksgill 08-03-2003 11:57 PM

Winex normally goes in /usr/bin/winex. If it was winex3 than look for /usr/bin/winex3
For amsn you need to install TCL and TK as wish is a TCL/TK WIndowing SHell.
I am sorry I dont know anything about MLDonkey but I am sure someone on this forum will help you.

plb2003 09-15-2003 05:04 PM

I had the same problem with mldonkey on Red Hat 9.
I found out that by using "shared" version I was able to start mldonkey. It must be a general problem with Red Hat and its libraries, I saw this error message in other posts describing different situations.
Link to "shared" version for i686

And don't let those little problems stop you from learning and using Linux! Keep smiling!

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