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toolapc22 10-17-2005 12:01 AM

sound drivers
lookim not that new to linux but im new to installing drivers. my problem is that i have a 5.1 surround and i can get all 5 speakers to work in windows but not in linux i only get 2.1,
Im trying to update the sound driver assuming it would include the 5.1 config software. i have an intagrated via ac97 sound card and i have the drivers in a .rar foler and am not sure how to install the drivers in linux. all i really need to know is how to install the driver unless someone else has suggestions on how to fix this problem

WhatsHisName 10-17-2005 01:05 AM

Look up your sound card on ALSA ( ) for detailed instructions.

toolapc22 10-17-2005 12:37 PM

ok i tried to follow the instructions and it tells me..... "n a shell type these commands:

Make a directory to store the alsa source code in.

cd /usr/src
mkdir alsa
cd alsa
cp /downloads/alsa-* ."
ok i get the directory made and i change to the directory but when i type in the command cp /downloads/alsa-* it tells me.... "cp: missing destination file
Try `cp --help' for more information."

so i tried cp --help and i looked and tells me that when the destination file is missint to type -u so i typed in the command cp -u /downloads/alsa-* and cp /downloads/alsa-* -u and it ells me the same thing that the destination file is missing. im stumped any suggestions?

joeyjwc 10-17-2005 08:17 PM

For the cp command, you need to type the source and the destination.
So you'll want this:
cp /downloads/alsa-* /usr/src/alsa/

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