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adds2one 08-29-2005 10:20 AM

Sound Curriousities

I have finally got my onboard sound working on my laptop but I am confused by something. I have a Dell Laitude D600. I ran alsaconf and then alsamixer and then I went into KDE and started xmms. I had expected to have to use the ALSA output in xmms preferences but what I actually have to use so that I can hear any music is the aRts output.

Could anyone tell me why this is? Does this mean that I am NOT using the ALSA drivers? I the sound info center it says that my installed drivers are "Type 10 ALSA emulation"

In the control center under sound system -> hardware it doesn't seem to matter what I have selected as audio device although every time I change the audio device I get this message:

KNotify crashed and caused signal 11 (SIGSEGV)

Anyone know what this is about?

Also, what does Sound Control do in KDE? If I select it the cursor bounces for a while but nothing happens.

I am trying to move my music making system over to Linux so it is really important that I have the best quality audio possible. I just want to make sure it is set up right. Once I have my onboard sound dialed in I will move on to adding my pcmcia audio card.

Thanks for your help.

foo_bar_foo 08-30-2005 03:37 PM

you ned to start kde without sound support
KDE for now uses arts sound server (artsd)
it was important in its day before alsa but
it is old and sucks and will eventually be replaced

Control Center -> Sound and Multimedia -> sound system
uncheck "enable sound system"
restart kde

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