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dragonforce 08-16-2005 04:47 PM

Some linspire 5.0 questions

I got a few linspire 5.0 questions:

1) When opening mozilla 5 ( Linspire internet suite) the text is on all webpages too damn small. How can i change it forever? As i have tried to make the text size big. it doesnt really help much. since the next page stil has small letters.

2) I can play songs in Kplayer. but not in lsongs anymore. how can i make it work again?

3) I am running linspire with 750 mhz, 786 mb ram, geforce fx 128 bm card, 8 mb cache hdd. but i still see some slowups. how can i fix this?

thank you

Vgui 08-16-2005 04:54 PM

Edit -> Preferences -> Appearance (on the left) -> Fonts (from the list)
Then set the minimum font size to what you want. Also, you can setup your own fonts here then uncheck "Allow documents..." to force all pages to use your fonts.
2) Not sure what lsongs is, maybe a reinstall of it (from CD would probably be cleanest).
3) Make sure you have the Nvidia drivers (Google for how to).
Enable DMA on your hard drive:

hdparm -d1 /dev/hda
Or something along those lines (your hard drive may vary).
Also run "top" every so often to see if anything is hogging your resources.

dragonforce 08-16-2005 05:33 PM


Thanks! problem 1 is solved now.

I dont know how to install things :(. otherwise i would have installed skype and wine.

problem 1) solved, and a big thank you hug =D

problem 2) i have reinstalled linspire quite a few times now. and also did a update some times. but it didnt work. just the kplayer. i even deleted linspire and installed mandrake, red hat, debian on it. and then reinstalled linspire after it. with no affect.

problem 3) dont know how to install anything :(

Vgui 08-16-2005 05:42 PM

Since you are using Linspire, I assume you are using CNR (Click and Run)? That is their pay to download service, where you just choose the program, it downloads and installs with no hassle. The downside of course being that it costs money (basically a tradeoff between convience and cost).
Since lsongs looks like a Linspire specific program, I imagine they hid away and free non-CNR version.
If the slowdowns aren't a huge worry to you, then don't bother installing the Nvidia drivers. If it is, then they should help make the GUI snappier. I have heard that Linspire isn't too friendly to installing non-CNR programs, but you can check out the latest Nvidia drivers (and documentation) at:
You said you tried Mandriva and Debian? Any reason you went back to Linspire? I have never personally used Linspire, but it seems like if you want to do anything "custom" (ie: advanced) it is a little bit harder (as most of the standard libraries are not present).
If you want to stick with Linspire though, you will need to read documentation for it. As it is a "commercial" Linux distro, it should have fairly good documentation. So, get a handle on the basics, such as installing CNR software, performing common tasks, etc.


dragonforce 08-17-2005 04:07 AM


I switched back because it didnt found my sound. Linspire catches my sound in the beginning. Altough i dont have sound at the " how to tutorials" either.

I havent used CNR. since i dont know how it works. and yes. i have a one month subscribtion.

92b16vx 08-17-2005 04:51 AM

A friend of mine has been using Linspire for over a year. He didn't even know what the terminal was, I tried to explain to him, it is his best friend.

Vgui 08-17-2005 11:01 AM

Well, I would recommend you look into CNR as a possible installation solution. It should have lsongs, maybe even wine and skype. So read up on that, you may as well get as much use out of your 1 month subscription as you can.
Another question, why did you switch from Windows in the first place?

dragonforce 08-17-2005 11:29 AM

i sometimes ask myself that too. but when i boot my windows xp laptop. i know why i changed :P

i get error messages for nothing!. i open msn,. i get a error message. to uninstall visual studio takes ages.

linux is clean. fresh. and looks so amazing. that i can easely show it off to my friends, cousins ;). and above all. its free!

now you tell me what can beat a pengiun that is free? got alot of usefull stuff for it. and is above all. free :D

i tell you. everyday i use linux more. the more i like it. without using a terminal ( where is it in linspire? :P).

now if i only could install skype and wine and a new openoffice without the cnr :(

Vgui 08-17-2005 12:00 PM

Oh, okay, so your Windows install was a mess ;)
Have you considered switching to Mac? I find that most Windows people who look at Linux as a "better / fixed Windows" are often disappointed. By choosing Linspire, you seem to reinforce that you just want a "Windows that works" without getting into the technical nitty gritty or learning too much. So, look into Mac, I personally don't use it (and can't stand it :p ) but it sounds like it might do the trick for you.
As I said before, if you are going to stick with Linspire, you need to read documentation. It is there for a reason. And if you don't feel like reading the documentation, then I really don't see you learning anything new. Being spoonfed through basic OS usage doesn't result in a competent user.
And for opening a terminal, just run xterm (which should be in Linspire, it is in every other distro). If you don't have it, then maybe CNR will.

EDIT: Sorry if I came off as harsh :)

chatan 08-17-2005 07:35 PM

dragonforce -

Originally posted by dragonforce
I havent used CNR. since i dont know how it works. and yes. i have a one month subscribtion.
If you have one-month CNR trial, there must be some documentation with computer on how to get registered. (or try the support page and contact Linspire). Once you register and log-in, it is really one click easy to install. You don't lose any of the software that you CNR'd during the one month trial.

The terminal is Launch >>> Run Programs >>> Utilites >>> Terminal Program (konsole)

Here are some other resources: FAQS

Good Luck and welcome!

humble_linuxnewb 08-24-2005 01:11 PM

Installing Skype in Linspire 5.0
I would like to tell you that you can download the linux version of the Skype by choosing the .deb package for download from the skype website.

After downloading you can find that file usually in /tmp folder in the terminal window.

You can open the terminal window by clicking Launch-Run programs-utilities-Konsole terminal.

To install a software you must be do this please do as follows:

su <cr>
display shows password:enter your password for administrator & hit 'return key'

Now you can do as follows:
cd /tmp

dpkg -i sky hit tab key here so that the downloaded file is displayed here & then hit return key

Now the skype program will get installed in your system.

You can use it by going to launch-runprograms-internet-skype

Have fun!

Humble_linuxnewb .....................................Am using Linspire 5.0.1 happily


I want every one on this forum 2 get atleat 5 of their friends to use Linux .......may b LINSPIRE 5.0.1 is the best bet.

Why don't give up the BROKEN WINDOWS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:cool: :cool:

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