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rahulchandrak 05-11-2010 10:24 PM

software installation procedure
Hi I am in the process of getting started with the linux redhat and I am finding it interesting. I want have some clarifications about few things. Generally in windows, when we install an software, all the files related to that particular software are present in a folder in program files. Any trouble shooting can be done by directly accessing the particular folder and doing the modifications. But in case of linux distros the scenario is different and that makes linux interesting. For example, let us take an software like apache web server. if you install that software using the tools like apt-get or yum or rpm, the software is installed and the service gets started and you start using it. But the files related to the particular folder are installed in various location for example if the process needs to be started at startup, a reference of it is placed in /etc/init.d . The libraries used by the software are placed in /usr/lib. To start or stop the software, a reference of it is present in /usr/bin. Based on my analysis what I understood was that all the system executables are located at /usr/sbin, all the process which the user can access and manipulate are stored in /usr/bin and the logging is being done at /var/log.

Now my question is to understand and have a clear picture of what folders an software will access when it gets installed on the distro. I am having this question because in general when we take backup of the server periodically, we take backup of a few main folders only. having a clear picture of the folder structure will help in taking the backup of the system.

grail 05-11-2010 10:36 PM

Firstly I would just like to correct one of your suppositions about windows:

all the files related to that particular software are present in a folder in program files
This is actually incorrect as software installs in a variety of places on windows as well but the main program is installed where you have indicated.
This is actually one of its downsides as it may well have several copies of the exact same information in each program's directory, but i digress.

A quick search about linux folder structure yielded:

chrism01 05-12-2010 05:05 AM


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