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hatchetman 12-08-2002 03:11 PM

slowly learning
hi again guys and girls, my progress has been pretty good, i'm learing commands for the konsole and other various things like installing files and creating shortcuts and how the file structure works etc... but i do have one problem. i was trying to install wine, and i did everything the way it said, but i was confused about how to assign it to my C drive that has windows and my cdrom and a drive etc... i am running on a dual boot HD that i did myself, and i don't know the locations or anything. this is what was said when i went into konsole and typed wine v-

[shaggy@localhost shaggy]$ wine
Could not stat /mnt/fd0 (No such file or directory), ignoring drive A:
Could not stat /c (No such file or directory), ignoring drive C:
Could not stat /cdrom (No such file or directory), ignoring drive D:
Invalid path L"c:\\windows" for L"windows" directory: does not exist
Perhaps you have not properly edited or created your Wine configuration file.
This is (supposed to be) '/home/shaggy/.wine/config'
[shaggy@localhost shaggy]$

is there a way to find out the location and/or path of my different things like the partition that has windows on it and the cdrom drives etc...? the version of windows i use is XP. thanx

trickykid 12-08-2002 03:59 PM

Well the thing that I know about wine is it won't work with NTFS. So if your XP is using NTFS, then your outta luck. But to find out what partitions your Windows reside on so you can map them correctly, do a fdisk -l
Then you can configure your /home/~/.wine/config file accordingly.

mhearn 12-08-2002 04:08 PM

Actually, Wine will work fine with NTFS as it delegates disk access to the kernel.

Hatchetman: I suggest if you want to use Wine seriously you buy a copy of CrossOver from CodeWeavers. They sell a version of wine that works better than the versions from wineHQ, for instance they apply special app-specific hacks in a way that wouldn't be appropriate for WineHQ. Note that CrossOver are a bona-fide open source company, they contribute lots back to WineHQ and a positive influence on the project.

Pure WineHQ builds such as what you have are not at all easy to use, and will not run many apps as they are development builds. A lot of people try them and then decide Wine sucks because it didn't run most of their apps.

My advice is, if you have a specific app that you really really want to run in Linux then buy CrossOver, it's not expensive, you'll be supporting wine and it'll save you a lot of hassle. If you just want to play, then feel free to go ahead - you need to edit the ~/.wine/config file to set the drives up correctly. Please don't badmouth wine if you take this route though. Otherwise it's best to find a native app that does what you want.

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