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rtrahan 01-22-2009 11:26 PM

Slackware-Wireless Module Overtyped in Manual
Hi guys,(and gals)
I loaded slackware 12.2 and have the book that accompanies it. On page 60 under PCMCIA it has the module I need to config for my wireless card but it's been typed I can't read what the module is. It starts /etc/pcmcia/ then xxxx. I guess they were trying to add it. Anyone got the book or do you know the module to config for wireless card.

Thanks in advance.

Tinkster 01-23-2009 12:34 AM

I'll hazard a guess and say that it depends on the make
and model of wireless card, which is why there's xxxx in
the book because they don't know what you have ;}

Neither do we.


linuxlover.chaitanya 01-23-2009 12:41 AM

But we can surely know the module and make of your card if you paste the output of lspcmcia command. This will help others know what you have and which module you need.

rtrahan 01-24-2009 04:12 AM

Wireless Card
It is the Atheros AR500 7EG Wirless Network Adapter. I downloaded madwiwf* to a CD on another computer. But I'm still not skilled enough to do anything with it: I need to know how to:
1) copy the file off the CD to correct file in Slackware
2) mount the CD on the slackware computer
2) unzip and unpack file

I've looked at numerous forums and websites but they all gloss over the little details I need to install and get it working. Thanks in advance for you help.

cheftec 01-24-2009 04:41 AM

Well, before you get frisky, post lsmod.


$mount /dev/cdrom0 (might be something else! not too sharp on my slack.) /mnt/cdrom (or /media/cdrom... look around your folders first)


$cp NAMEOFFILE.tar.gz (probably) /home/YOURUSERNAME

then go to your directory (type cd, it should take you there) type
to make sure the file is there


tar -xvvf (maybe xvr) NAMEOFTHEFILE.tar.gz

the directory will be in your directory (i.e., /home/NAMEOFFILE

go there, there is probably a file called install or setup. You run this by being root:




sudo ./install

may be sh install.

Good luck!

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