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thing0 03-04-2004 06:32 PM

(slackware) install options
hello! i never installed linux and i dont know how it works, my friend did it for me, im not talking about making partitions, im talking about install options, for example like in microsoft windows, the things you can choose to install or not. my friend installed kde, and i dont like it, i have so much software that i dont use, why the hell do i have four web browsers?
for what i know the window manager brings lots of software (i think you call it a "desktop" like kde or gnome)... i want to use the simplest windows manager wich i can choose when i install slackware, someone told me about tmw i like the screenshots... i select that in the slackware installation... is it a good option?
what about the software, does the installation allow me to choose what i want to install or is the window manager that i select that does that?
sorry if you dont understand my question... all i want to do is install slackware with the minimal things i need, i just want to be able so start x and have a internet browser and a file manager that will let me install things.
i will have to download the last version of slackware, 9.1... i can select to install twm, right?


Nis 03-04-2004 06:40 PM

Your best bet is to install everything on the first Slackware disk and then begin to remove stuff that you don't use. TWM is included in the default install and while it is certainly minimal, you'll probably find it's missing too much functionality to be of much use. Check out Fluxbox (which is also in the default Slackware install) or FVWM95 (default install again). Both are simple and are more useful than TWM. During the installation you can select what you want to install: just go with newbie mode so you can read about most of the packages. Finally, welcome to Slack. :)

Peacedog 03-04-2004 06:52 PM

just to add, to remove any packages you don't want or need you'll use pkgtool as root from a terminal. i'd also like to second Nis, welcome to slack.

J.W. 03-05-2004 01:26 AM

Slack installs multiple window managers because different Slackers have different preferences. To easily switch from one to another, just run this from the command line: /usr/X11R6/bin/xwmconfig -- J.W.

320mb 03-05-2004 01:44 AM

Re: (slackware) install options

Originally posted by thing0

what about the software, does the installation allow me to choose what i want to install

. Browse the Slack install disks. you will see directories named......a, ap, d, e, f, l, n, etc........these are all the packages that you have the option to install or not install.......Now when you do a clean install from scratch, there will be a menu asking if you want to install "all" packages or you can pick and choose from the various groups and you can choose "not" to install certain programs.


all i want to do is install slackware with the minimal things i need, .

go here and read up..........gnashley is an LQ Member, so you can thank him for his efforts........

thing0 03-05-2004 06:17 AM


i think i will try to install that version, but i have some questions:

i have two drive's, the big one (d: in microsoft windows) is 300 gigabytes fat32 and has no opperating system, i use it to store all data, then i have my first hard drive (c: in microsoft windows) wich has three partitions, the fat32 for microsoft windows 98, and then the other three wich slackware needs to have, in ext2 i think, i use lilo to boot.
i heard about zipslack wich is a small installer, would be nice for what i want, right? and it installs in a fat32 partition right? but... linux always needs those three partitions for what i know, swap, the root and... ... boot!?
anyway is there any problem installing linux in a fat32 partition? that way i could access the linux drive when im ussing microsoft windows. if that is possible, what boot loader would i use?
sorry im confussed...


i have two ethernet cards, one of them connects to a cable internet connection and the other connects to another computer (wich has netbios enabled over ipx and thats what i use in microsoft windows 98 to trade files and work in network) what packages do i need, to have a internet connection and later i would also like to access the netbios folders in the other computer (if that is possible, in ipx) "Internet Tools and Protocols

"This group includes: inetd, openssl-solibs, pidentd, ppp, tcpip and wget. If you plan to go on the Internet or communicate over a LAN using ppp, then as a bare minimum you will need 'inetd', 'ppp' and 'tcpip'. You may need 'pidentd' and 'openssl-solibs' in order for your ISP to authenticate your connection. 'wget' is a download utility. Some GUI download utilities are just a 'front-end' to 'wget', so you may need this. I haven't yet confirmed if Opera uses it so I include it. 'curl' is another very useful 'downloader' library with advanced functions."

sorry im confussed, i hope you understand my questions, i dont know what version to download, the zipslack? (refering to my first question here)
and also, i will need someone to tell me wich kernel to use and how to update it (or should i just use the stable version of the last slackware version?)


thing0 03-05-2004 12:48 PM

do you at least understand my questions?

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