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criacuervo 03-10-2009 10:39 PM

skype problem..
Now i'm having various problem with the skype, first of all my distro fedora 8 my window manager is fluxbox and my motherboard is a pcchips amd semprom 1.8 ghrz.

Ok, the problem is that the micro is no working properly, i downloaded aumix to set the audio settings from the command line,since i dont know how to do it in fluxflux even in gnome, then i tried but i couldn't, i got up the mic volume but when i talk with somebody of my contact list i heard them but i dont them.

Other problem, i'm no reconize in the webpage, i usually go to soziety, is a page to chat and meet people to learn languages , i went to the program configuration to chose to be shown online by the web but it just doesnt appeare.

i'll really appreciate your help because im studying languages and is very vital to get skype working properly.

T74marcell 03-11-2009 03:32 PM

Skype only provides Fedora-specific RPM's for Fedora 6 or 7. Usually these work on FC 8, but that's not a necessity. You could also install the shared or static Skype packages, maybe even the OSS version (all others use the ALSA audio system).

If it doesn't work by default, then tracing the problem can become extremely difficult. I have a Fedora 8 box that had a working Skype setup, then somehow it broke (I suspect Xine has to do with it) even without any hardware or Skype installation changes. So far I didn't had the nerves to hunt down the problem. Prepare for quite some wasted hours, before getting some results.

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arochester 03-11-2009 03:37 PM

The sound settings for Skype are in Skype and not in the computer audio settings. Try Sbutton (bottom left of Skype)>Options>Sound Devices.

My headset microphone did not work until I chose the option with "HW! in it. My internet phone did not work until I chose the option USB Voip Phone.

criacuervo 03-11-2009 11:30 PM

OK, let me be planier, is not skype but the mic, how do i enable the mic in fedora?
my microphone is no working properly , how do i configure.
since i have fluxbox,
if you write me down a useful command something like that i'll very thankful.

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