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Spider_Mastermind 12-19-2005 05:10 AM

Skype and Mandriva

I just downloaded the Skype package for Mandriva 10.1 or newer. I'm running 2006.

Upon installation the report was that installation was successful but I could not find anything to click on to start it.

I thought a new item would have appeared in my start menu or a sub menu to that but nothing.

So I did a file search fo "Skype" and it seems to reside in usr/shares or something. Anyway I did not seem to be able to access this from my user account (which is where I installed Skype from).

So I logged in as root, found it and dragged and dropped two copies, one each into areas where the two users can access it. Then back in user mode each user dragged it onto the desktop.

This seems a rather cumbersome and stupid way to do thing but then I'm a noob. What should I have done?


BTW - The software seems to work though I can't get the mike working - my next project.

jburford 12-19-2005 02:50 PM

Try going into the "Configure your desktop" in the menu - somewhere in the menu under System > Configuration" I think.

Under look and feel, then Panels, there is a menu tab. This will let you add Skype to the menu. This isn't a very smooth way of adding it, and I don't know why it hasn't automgically added it in - there used to be problems in older versions of Mandrake, which could be fixed by running a utility from the console (update-menus?), but I don't know if this still exists.


tkedwards 12-20-2005 05:57 PM

RPMs written for Mandriva should always drop a file into /usr/lib/menu to create a menu entry so if Skype's one doesn't then they haven't written their RPM very well :( In Linux executables for most user applications are in /usr/bin so there should be a skype file in there that you can just click on and run. Do what jburford suggested and add it to the menus - the command to execute is /usr/bin/skype.

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