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Rocky 10-24-2001 06:20 AM

Signal 11 error
I had to re-install rh 7 and to add to matters im now getting a "signal 11 error"
If im not mistaken it's a memory error correct? With the error I uldn't complete the install. im going out of my mind with this Linux install.

"1.4 GHz Socket A 266 FSB AMD Athlon Thunderbird Processor
Enlight 7237 Mid Tower ATX w/ 350 UL Watt Sparkle Power Supply and dual fans
DFI AK76EC 266 MHz FSB DDR Mainboard
ATA100 PCI Controller onboard
512MB DDR Memory
40 GB 7200 RPM UDMA ATA/100 IBM Hard Drive
52x CD-ROM
1.44 Floppy
16x10x32 CDRW-Burn CD's FAST
2 USB Ports, 2 Serial, 1 Parallel
Creative Labs Sound Card
Matrox G450 Dual DDR 32 MB AGP Video Card
56k, v.90 Lucent modem w/ voice
DLink 10/100 WOL PCI Network Card
Cable modem ready

unSpawn 10-24-2001 07:15 AM

The one-and-only SIG11 Faq:
If you read it segmentation faults can be caused by a myriad of things.
If you can't get to any (partial) errorlog to indicate the whereabouts of the failure (to help solve this) I would suggest stripping the box to its barest necessities, check your BIOS and uncheck any Plug and play settings, and try again in "expert" mode, with text-based installer, and for every option the most "basic" settings, no fancy support for video or whatever, everything *can* be added later on. Also note you can switch terminals with CTRL+ALT+Fx, where x is [1-5] for console, and 7 when the graphical interface loads, if you want to check on things/run commands/write logs to floppy.

HTH somehow

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