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Tobster 05-31-2001 03:41 PM


I have a great Linux Shell account. I know how to upload, etc. I was wondering How do you run a program? Ive heard of cron, but is that what I need? I just want it to run forever.


unSpawn 05-31-2001 07:19 PM

Hmm. can ya share the providers name?
what u need is nohup. itll keep running after exiting from ure account. if its a public system tho & ure processes run too long (eggbot stuff etc) or eat up too much resources ull be getting some mail from the admin dept.

Tobster 05-31-2001 07:27 PM

Lol, ya I am allowed 5 background processes. Its a company that gives free shell accounts (T3 line) to open source buisinesses. You have to give REAL proff of it. My company is called Downtown Software. I am the founder and there are about 5-10 people that work for me :D . We fix computers for free and after the employee has clocked 24hrs of work, they get to keep any left over parts. We recieve tons of donations...thats what keeps us running!


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