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tzr916 06-22-2012 05:17 PM

Setup USB Wifi Linux (Virtual Machine)
XP Pro SP3
Virtual Box and/or VMWare
RaLink 3070 USB Wifi bgn
Ubuntu 12 ISO and/or Fedora 17 ISO

The RaLink USB Wifi works in XP but not in Linux on virtual Machine. I have disabled WEP/WPA on my router. I have tried four different ways-
Virtual Box Ubuntu
Virtual Box Fedora
VMWare Ubuntu
VMWare Fedora

They all act the same way. Wifi is showing in Linux Network Control, I can specify the SSID, but trying to connect just fails. I have RaLink Linux drivers, but don't know how to install them. I need step by step Linux- how to disable the generic Wifi drivers, install and enable the RaLink drivers.


jefro 06-22-2012 09:43 PM

One advantage of using a virtual machine is that you don't need to use the usb for the VM. The virtual router part of the VM will route it to the hosts network. As long as the host connects you can get the clients to connect.

If you insist on getting the usb working on a client then it might be possible. Have to release it from the host and the vm needs usb support and the client needs to support the usb device.

tzr916 06-22-2012 11:02 PM

Thanks. Ya I do not want the host on the USB connection. I actually can see the VM taking control of the USB connection from the host. And after my original post, I have got it working in Kubuntu on Virtualbox without loading any special drivers. So I know it can work. Not sure why the other distros don't.

My next problem seems to be that I can't get Guest Additions to install on Kubuntu so that I can have shared folders...

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