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65chevelle 01-15-2003 11:08 PM

setup problem
having problems setting up mandrake 9, when setting up my video card, i get the screen with the res set to 1024x768, 16 bit, when the test screen comes up I see a rainbow stripes in the background and it asks me if it is ok, no matter which button I push as soon as it returns, my monitor frequency gets kicked up to 150x236 and my monitor comes up with an error "out of range" I tried going with every lower resolution without any success. I'm running an ATI all in wonder Radeon video card and a KDS Visual sensations 19" monitor. any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

MasterC 01-16-2003 02:49 AM

Don't test it. During the install, simply do not test it. Set the thing up as you have, make sure all the settings are correct, and then just move on. When you get to the part where it asks if you want to boot directly into a gui, say no. You can change this VERY EASILY later on, so just go with that for now. Finish up the install, boot up, and then test the graphics. If they work, edit the file /etc/inittab, there is a line in there that reads:

Edit it to read:

This will make it so that each time you boot up on each subsequent boot, the first screen you will see will be a gui login screen.


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