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sajipkuttan 02-28-2008 01:28 AM

Setup password for Printing
I am using Mandriva 2008. I made my printer available to other computers (CUPS) using the control center. But I want others to type a password whenever they go for print. I could not find this option in the setup. How can I do this?



aus9 02-28-2008 04:58 AM

don't know but I do know how you can allow or ban users based on logins

kde control center > peripherals > printers > click on target printer > click on admin > click on properties > scroll down to users > click on change >

normally change to allow....for each user type user name and then click on add until you have all users added

2) they have to login to system so that takes care of passwd

sajipkuttan 02-29-2008 12:32 AM

We have a computer lab here where students are working. We do not want them to misuse the printer. So a password is required to avoid the misuse. They should contact me whenever they want a print.

I am using GNOME.

chrism01 02-29-2008 12:40 AM

Depends on what you mean by misuse.

If it's a qn of print-job size, use a shared dir and write a small daemon that checks filesize before submitting to printer.
(Unless there's an option like that (size) in CUPS already).

If it's a qn of inappropriate content, have them do the same, but you'll have to check it manually :-(
If you make them email it to you, that'll make checking easier (GUI) and you can set the email system to only accept a max email size; quite common at work places.

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