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hocheetiong 08-26-2007 04:58 AM

Setup NFS server to install OS to clients.
Hi, please help me again....

I want to setup NFS server, purpose to install other client linux pc from this server.OK i have 3cds (ISO files) redhat linux 8. i using redhat linux enterprise 3 AS to be a server.

1. i already follow the to setup NFS server.
2. i make one directory to store this OS file. # mkdir linux8
3. i alredy mount -o loop /iso cd1 files to one of directory.
4. i # cp -av /that first cd loop directory/* /linux8
5. so finish copy first cd to /linux8.
6. ok than i mount second and third cds, and also same copy files to /linux8, BUT WHY ask me do you want to OVERWRITE the files...???? or just copy first cd on /linux8?????
7. ok i check my NFS share is it ok, # showmount -a ok i can see my share directory like /linux8

than i boot using bootnet redhat 8 disket to boot and key "linux askmethod". ok i set my client pc ip is ok i can ping this client IP from my NFS server(

ok when ask:

NFS server name:
Red Hat directory: /linux8

BUT prompt the ERROR:
That directory does not seem to contain a Red Hat installtion tree.

cgjones 08-26-2007 10:05 PM

You might want to try using the ISO images rather then extracting them.


Using ISO Images for NFS Installs

NFS installations can use ISO (or CD-ROM) images rather than copying an entire installation tree. After placing the required ISO images (the binary Red Hat Linux CD-ROMs) in a directory, choose to install via NFS. You will then point the installation program at that directory to perform the installation.

Verifying that the ISO images are intact before you attempt an installation will help to avoid problems that are often encountered during an NFS installation. To verify the ISO images are intact prior to performing an installation, use an md5sum program (many md5sum programs are available for various operating systems). An md5sum program should be available on the same server as the ISO images.

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