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helptonewbie 11-21-2007 03:53 PM

Set-up a network interface with commands??
Hello all,
Is it possible to set-up a network interface with shell commands, and i'm not saying ifconfig eth0 192.xx.xx.x 255...

I'm asking to set it up properly so it creates the network conf file and edits any other network related files to that distro, so that when the computer restarts those settings are saved and of course run on boot. Rather than editing the already existing network files with Vi or similar, so basically something similar to what happens during the installation of a linux distro, when you set-up the network settings, you select the network interface you type in the options required and then the installation takes those and puts the data into all the required files, i want to do that but with bash commands??

I'm trying to work out a method thats simple for the end user with very little Linux experience to select the network interface to use, so somehow need to probe all the usable network interfaces and get a list back of what they are so i can display them to the user, then they can select what ever and all i need from that point is the file name the distro normally creates for a network interface the user selected and the path to it.

Really not at all sure if this is possible, may even evolve some distribution re-programming i don't know??
Any ideas i can be amazed at??!?!

Tinkster 11-21-2007 04:14 PM

Sure it can be done ... it's all plain ASCII, so all you need is a sound
knowledge of WHICH files, WHERE they are, and how to do it using sed, awk
or whichever tool you're happy and familiar with (perl, python, ... ).

So it will always be distro specific.


helptonewbie 11-22-2007 04:45 AM

cheers Tink,
Bash is my think but starting to leaqrn perl ie just opened a book on it yesterday

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