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nub 01-04-2012 04:22 PM

Set up a multiboot Linux / Windows with UEFI

Since I've decided to give a trial to Linux I'm struggling to set up my Thinkpad W520 with UEFI/BIOS firmware both which I'd like to have multibooting with Win7 (via UEFI) as well as Slack64 v13.37.
I'd installed Win7 first and then booted and installed Slackware from DVDiso. However, installation always freezes when attempting to install the LILO boot loader. I've tried it with different options: superblock of root partition and MBR, both standard suggestions.
Yet, I'm new with Slackware and therefore I'm not sure if I've done everything properly. It'd have multiboot for I need to switch between both OS and I rather prefer to have it with UEFI, too, if possible.
Does anyone have experience with this issue, or any idea of a solution of my intent?
I'd be happy to have your advices. Thank you in advance!


dudeman41465 01-04-2012 04:40 PM

I've never used Slackware, but I haven't seen Lilo used in a couple of years, so if you have the option you may want to go with Grub. If the installer for Windows is failing, try booting from the CD and installing. Most modern Linux distros give you the option of resizing your Windows partition without losing your data.

nub 01-04-2012 05:46 PM

Thank you for your quick reply! Maybe I've not expressed myself fairly.
I already have Win7 running and it's doing fine. Only when trying to install Slackware (using a bootable DVD), the setup hangs up every time I attempt to configure the boot loader - which is LILO in this case. I've searched for Grub or Grub2 on the install dvd but I haven't found it; it might not be included with this distro. My hdd is divided into 6 primary partitions - sda1, fat16: 100 MB for the UEFI boot partition of Win7 (automatically set up during Win installation); sda2, btrfs: 25 GB for root; sda3, ntfs: 50 GB for Win7 system partition; swap, linux-swap; 12 GB; 2 other partitions are for data storage.
I hope I could clarify the problem. Thanks for your remarks!

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