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douglasemc 02-01-2008 05:17 PM

server runs out of space too quicly!! /var/log/dcpumon
we recently purchased a new server to host our email client (exim)
today we found 250K files in the folder /var/log/dcpumon
all of them of this kind:
toplog.1201893361 toplog.1201896061 toplog.1201898761
toplog.1201893661 toplog.1201896361 toplog.1201899062
toplog.1201893961 toplog.1201896661 toplog.1201899362
toplog.1201891561 toplog.1201894261 toplog.1201896961
toplog.1201891861 toplog.1201894561 toplog.1201897261 toplog.1201899961 toplog.1201902661
toplog.1201892162 toplog.1201894861 toplog.1201897561 toplog.1201900261 toplog.1201902961
toplog.1201892461 toplog.1201895161 toplog.1201897861 toplog.1201900561 toplog.1201903262
toplog.1201892761 toplog.1201895461 toplog.1201898161 toplog.1201900861
toplog.1201893061 toplog.1201895761 toplog.1201898461 toplog.1201901161

they multiply by the minute, and i really don't know what is generating them!
i checked the crontab and there's nothing (that i can tell) related to that folder or those files

bigrigdriver 02-01-2008 06:54 PM

An application generating so many files probably has some config file in /etc. To get an idea what's doing it, try this command in a terminal, as root:

find /etc -type f | xargs grep topolog

douglasemc 02-04-2008 09:50 AM

i did that and...
this is what i got:

/etc/hotplug/usb.rc:# relates to physical topology, including possibly hotpluggable
/etc/ofed/opensm.conf:# topology actually provides multiple paths between

douglasemc 02-04-2008 09:51 AM

ok, now without the typo i didn't get any results back

find /etc -type f| xargs grep toplog

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