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Psyche73 04-19-2005 09:30 AM

server install (options) old machine (xfce,fc3)
Hi my machine has spec:-

dell optiplex gx1-

pentium 2, 450 mhz, 64 mb ram
though i intend to upgrade the ram when i can.

I have fedora core 3 but The kde/gnome desktop was too slow.

I've managed to load into xfce when i login first time as i set it up through switchdesk command though when i go back to a terminal and type startx i'm told the other serveer is running on display o( error message-server already active for display 0)

i was unable to verify the running (0)server through typing:-
ps aux-/grep `cat /tmp/.X0-lock`
as suggested at an online help page.
i could on the rare instance get into xfce through:-
startx --:1
where value 1 is the server running on the xfce x-window mananger

xfce does load when i first login on first booting through the login gui
but not when i go back to a terminal (f4) and type startx or other combinations,only through f7 gui terminal does it load up/display.
i tried as suggested to remove file '/tmo/.X0-lock' as root typing
rm -rf /tmp/.X0-lock
and i got no error feedback so i guess this command is proceessed perhaps.

anyway as a newbie is this okay.? and how do i verify the running server and get the PID?

i want to run a server. i put in the install disk to trim the install appl packages and remove kde/gnome( as i installed far too much for the old machine-new hard drive though) but i upgraded then was told to reboot but not offered th option to modfiy the instal trhough the upgrade option just told to reboot. mmmmm.went around in circles.
the other options maybe offer that

I want to install a server install that can work okay, for the moment anyway, for a small business website. i'm a webdesigner but i want al the neceessary stuff domain email,apache,mysql php etc-lamp installed. no uneccessary sytem hungry stuff.
1)how do i modify the install through the cd's- like remove kde etc and trim all uneceesarry stuff? what option do i follow repair or upgrade or options etc etc
2) what packages should i have and which ones are superfluous and system resources-hungry given the old hardware which i should abandon or do away with.?
a server install that has everything you want but is minimum so the machine is not stressed out/stretched sytem resources wise given the 64mb currently

i am gonna settle for the xfce as itcomes with fc3 and probably documentaion . can i run everything,all basic server appl's i need with this windows gui manager.? what is the basics - email,web server, i want to upload websites from my wondow machine (samba).also i may want my own dns. that would be good. so iif these options and others i'll probably want without stresing the machine are available that would be great.

hopefully i can do everything with **xfce** as a linux newbie without too much difficulties and that there are no dependencies with appl's like some only work in kde(??).

also hopp[efully configuring appl's is'nt too much harder in xfce than other gui's. for instance my mozilla browser did'nt start up when launched(error mesage:-failed to execute child process "mozilla"- no such file or directory,mmmm) someone said headahces (can) begin ,not at install, but when you configure the appl's (to work)

help.thanks for the help.
i need basically general advise here for an old machine fc3 install plus a couple of specifics here and there

also feel free to suggest better or alternative distros for my purpose( or indeed window managers other than xfce) and needs but which are reasonably friendly for the noob.( still learning with fc3!, little experience)



Psyche73 04-19-2005 08:37 PM

How do i install more packages off the fc3 distro cd's, ones i missed during install?
When i try to go back and access the cd's on reboot , i keep on going round in circles and am told to reboot again.

I'm presented with 2 main options-(fresh?) reinstall OR upgrade and neither would seem* to apply to me or so i think. I neither want a complete clean install and the distro itself is my first fc3 installation so no upgrades either therefore.

i've ended up reinstalling fc3 twice with a fresh clean install each time because i'm not sure how to return to the distro cd's to install more packages on top of the first fresh install.

simple question- i'm sure there's a simple answer

what option do i choose after rebboting with the distro's ? ( unless i have to employ the command line-surely not!)

cheers in advance

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