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steve_babbage 02-27-2004 09:43 PM

sendmail box with webmail

I am currently running redhat running sendmail.
I want to set up a new box that can run the following:

and a webmail service. i assume for this i need httpd running??

Can anyone recommend a disto for this that will be a basic (thin) install?

Is there a 'standalone' webmail server that runs with sendmail?
or do i have to do a major install with httpd etc.

The objective is to host a mailserver that i can log into via http port 80 and get my mail when on the road?


acid_kewpie 02-28-2004 03:18 PM

sorry to not tell you to use webmaillinux version 3.42, but any standard linux distribution will do you fine. and you will need a webserver yes, but you could try somethign other than apache if you wanted to, like thttpd which is much smaller. similarly, an smtp server like exim might be more suitable to your lightweight needs.

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