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Janey_P 03-17-2005 07:31 AM

Sendmail Bootup problem on RHE3

I've just been given a RHE3 box to look after and I can't get it to boot, Basically it hangs at Sendmail. I'm used to Solaris where I could stop-A it and boot in single user mode and zap the sendmail startup script but I have no idea how to do this on RHE3 :mad:

Also I get the choice of Redhat or Redhat-up on the boot screen, what's that about?


benjithegreat98 03-18-2005 05:23 PM

One thing you can do is when grub is counting down you hit the 'a' key. This will let you edit the kernel arguements. Add the word 'single' and hit enter. This will start it up w/ no services. You can disable sendmail from starting up if you go to /etc/rc5.d (assuming you normally use run level 5). Rename the file that say sendmail somewhere in it to start w/ a 'K'

There is an interactive mode at boot up that asks y/n to everything it does. You have to hit 'i' at the right spot, but it is so hard to hit at the right time I wouldn't bother.

Sometimes the problem w/ sendmail hanging at startup has to do w/ the /etc/hosts file. That is a starting point for your research on that.

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