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lapthorn 03-01-2004 07:25 AM

Sendmail again
I have problems setting up my Linux machine to be an email server. I am using Red Hat 9 and the sendmail 8.12 that cam with Redhat.

I have set up my DNS records so that my MX records get delivred to my statis IP address.

I have changed my file so it excepts smtp traffic from sources other than

I have added my domain to my access list and allowed it to relay. This prevented the 550 Relaying prohibited when sending myself email from another account.

I have added my local username name to have an alias in the virtual user table.

When I now send am email to myself I get many logfile entries and eventually it errors saying too many hops. I am sending myself an email from my ISP and there is definetly no more that 25 hops.

Its as though the DNS forwards the email correctly to my mail server and then my mail server tries to forward again as it doesn't think it is for me. It gets back to my ISP where it get returned and the loop begins.

Can anybody please help me, have I forgot to do something while setting up my machine or is all domain information held within sendmail?

ScooterB 03-02-2004 12:01 PM

After you added the new aliases did you run the command "newaliases"? If you didn't it doesn't know what to do with them.

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