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TVScoundrel 06-18-2004 03:37 AM

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Hi everybody,

I have a website on a linux Redhat 9 runing apache with PHP4.

I wish to use the mail() command with PHP but I can't seem to be able to configure my PHP to work with our local mailserver wich is EXCHANGE on a Windows Server 2003 box.

I tried changing my PHP.ini file

SMTP = localMailserverIP

sendmail_from = account@localMailserver (this is a POP enabled account)

but it doesn't work. I am able however to send mail when using a mailclient with the same info from the redhat box.

Anybody have an idea?


david_ross 06-18-2004 02:22 PM

The smtp setting in php.ini only seems to be for windows. On Linux/unix boxes php uses sendmail. When you tried sending a message did you use sendmail ot just a mail client?

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