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saavik 07-10-2002 07:50 AM

sending a mail appending a file
ok, now in know how to send an email via console:

mail nameofuser

and i know how to append the text of a file

mail nameofuser < readme.txt

but how can i append the whole file ?


pickledbeans 07-10-2002 07:55 AM

mail nameofuser < readme.txt does append the whole text file?

Unless maybe your distro has sendmail configured
to restrict the size of file attachments? As a anti-spamming

dorward 07-10-2002 07:55 AM

You mean as an attachment? Using mail - its very tricky. I would suggest using mutt instead.

mutt -s "Subject of email" -a path/to/attached/file < path/to/body/of/message

J_Szucs 07-11-2002 01:39 PM

Pine is also easy:

pine addressee -attach /path/to/attachment

and then you can type the subject, text, etc. in pine's 'window'. You can possibly also type in everything on the commandline, but I somehow preferred this way.

saavik 07-12-2002 04:50 AM

so the pc starts pine !
how should i do this in a cron job?
i have to enter cc and so on....

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