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tejas15_10 06-14-2005 03:56 AM

Segmentation fault
hi to all
i have some problem with my code..when i compile my code its not giving me any error but when i run the application it gives the error "segmentation fault"...i checked the code and still i m not assigning a heavy memory to the code..but dont knw wht is the problem...
plz reply me abt the segmentation to remove it from the code??or any tactics for that...its very urgent for me...
thanx for reading my thread and possibly then reply....

trevelluk 06-14-2005 04:44 AM


A segmentation fault occurs when your program tries to access memory outside of it's memory space. This is often caused by attempting to access NULL pointers, or attempts to access past the end of an array. If you run the code in a debugger, you should be able to find out where the problem is. If the code isn't too long, post it here and I'll have a look.

For future reference, this question would be better suited to the programming forum. Please don't repost it though.

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