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Adamantus 02-27-2009 01:18 AM

Search tools (Affinity, Tracker Search Tool, etc.) not working - don't find any files
I was trying to use the Affinity Search Applet for AWN, but whenever I searched for any file or program that I knew I had, I never got any results. I installed the actual Affinity program (from the description on their Wiki) and was able to find some program but no files. I tried searching with the Deskbar applet and the "Search for ______ with tracker search tool" never found a file. The "Search for file names like ______" found every file I knew I had though.

I would really like to have the Affinity applet for AWN working, but there seems to be a problem with all my search tools. I've installed all the dependencies for Affinity. Why can nothing except that one search on deskbar find anything?

Adamantus 03-29-2009 11:21 PM

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Okay, I've kind of gotten off Affinity for awhile, using the Xfce Appfinder and a simple "search for files" launcher in avant, but now, after installing AWN on my girlfriend's computer, I tried using Affinity and the same thing happened.

Is there something that I need to install in order for it to work correctly? I've checked all the dependencies. I've attached a screenshot showing what affinity looks like when I search for "Resume" with my documents folder to the left and "Resume.doc" inside of it.

Also, I installed Affinity as a normal application and it was able to find applications, but I couldn't find any files.

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