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spencerbray 01-15-2005 06:02 AM

SCSI boot without initrd
I have compliled my kernel to include the scsi drivers for my system which include scsi_mod.o, sd_mod.o , BusLogic.o and also the file system modules jbd.o & ext3.o. If I attempt a boot without an initrd the kernel is unable to mount the root file system.

If I create an initrd with mkinitrd which upon examination does not include any drivers, the system boots from the scsi disk. I obviously don't know enough about the boot process.

Can anyone help?


acid_kewpie 01-15-2005 06:48 AM

Please do not post the same thread in more than one forum. Picking the most relevant forum and posting it once there makes it easier for other members to help you and keeps the discussion all in one place.

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