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klmukp 09-20-2008 06:52 AM

Scripting Remote Logon - Starting Remote Gnome Desktop
I would like to write a script that will automatically login to the gnome desktops of several linux systems. This is in a lab setup using an isolated network, so security is not an issue. After the scripted login onto each system I want the script to start various xterm windows that will execute scripts, apps, etc. resident on the remote system's local file system for display on that remote system's monitors (i.e. I don't want remote xterms or apps displayed on the machine from which the script is running).

I want to be able to just turn on all the machines, and after they have all booted up, run this script from one of them, and then be able to go to any machine's monitor to view the output for the apps and processes that are running on that machine.

I've looked at several websites, and have seen Q&A related to starting remote xterm windows & apps whose output is then displayed on the monitor of the system that started them, But I'm having a hard time finding info I'm looking for. Any help or guidance that folks on this forum can provide to me would be greatly appreciated.

sameetLinux 09-21-2008 12:13 AM

You could put up some start-up scripts on the client, and then call all those scripts with remote login. I guess that should solve your problem.
I am just a newbie, but i think this should work


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