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codpiece 08-23-2004 12:17 AM

Screen goes dim when gnome loads and odd keyboard problem
After spending countless hours installing my very first Linux distro, Slackware, on my ancient laptop, and settiang up my pcmcia ethernet card to work with my colleges dhnet, I have run into a few problems that I can't seem to fax. The first is right when Gnome Loads,for about 5 seconds the screen is normial,but shortly after goes dim and stays dim. I'm guessing this has to do with my video driver or refresh rates or something,but im a newb and don't know how to go about troubleshootang. My second problem is less importiant but more annoyiang. Whenever I type certian keys on my keyboard, it prints two characters instead of one. For instance, when I type "a" it prints "ia" and when I hit "i" it also prints "ia". It even does this at the Lilo boot screen. When I plug in a USB keyboard though,the problem is gone. Does this mean that its a hardware problem? thanks for your help.


codpiece 08-23-2004 07:33 PM

Anybody? If I remember correctly,the problem arose when I first tried to change the screen resolution,but even when I changed it back,the screen never got bright again. For a few seconds before gnome finishes loading, the screen is normal,as well as in the linux console. Please help,my eyes are hurting.Any suggestiaons would be great.

jobo57 09-12-2004 10:13 AM

codpiece, I'm trying to solve the same problem. I'm running Gnome on slackware, and when I reduce the screen resolution to match the dislay on my old panasonic cf-27 laptop, the display went dim seems to be stuck that way. Logging in as another user gives me the bright screen, but at the wrong resolution, and I know not to change this one. Still googling for possible answers, good luck to you.

codpiece 09-12-2004 01:49 PM

Unfortunately I never solved the problem, however I found that I liked the likes of fluxbox better then gnome anyway. I don't have any screen rez problems with fluxbox - simplicity is always the best way. Good luck to you as well.

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