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atrac 10-23-2007 11:14 AM

SCP and Permissions: Please help me with this problem

I hope some one can help me with this problem.
It may not be a problem for gurus out there but it is for me:

I have 2 servers say and each installed with RH Linux 7.3
There are users and groups inside each server, obviously.
Of course for every user I created, there is a group with the same name eg there is both a user and group with the name "master". Of course every user has his own home directory. I have also created a group in called group01, of which slave is a member.

Both servers also have root users which obviously can do 'anything'

master - user
drwx------ 24 master master 16384 Oct 12 14:19 master
slave - user
drwx------ 24 slave slave 16384 Oct 12 14:19 master
user01 - user
drwx------ 24 user01 user01 16384 Oct 12 14:19 master
user02 - user
drwx------ 24 user02 user02 16384 Oct 12 14:19 master
user03 - user
drwx------ 24 user03 user03 16384 Oct 12 14:19 master

group01 - group, slave is a member
This is what I want to do:

I have Bash scripts written under the user "master" in

User 'master' needs to create unique files and copy it using SSH to the home directories of the users 'user01', 'user02' and 'user03' in the server

'Master' can perform the scp command logging into the other server either as slave or root (though this is often not recommended, I think)

But each user 'user01', 'user02' and 'user03' should not be able to see each other's files, cos the files are confidential.

How will master's script perform the scp command in to be able to copy the files over into each user's directory without each of the 3 users not being able to read each other's files? What algorithm should I use? You are free to create your own groups or users or using chmod, chgrp or anything.

I may be a bit long winded. Please clarify if the above is not clear.

atrac 10-23-2007 08:51 PM

Problem resolved.

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