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janter 10-31-2011 11:56 AM

School project
now this is my first post i ever made in a forum so please excuse me if i don't give all the necessary information's the first time.

I or better to say we have a problem, by we i mean myself and 3 classmates.
As a project for our computer seance class we would like to create a LAN, simple and easy.
We planed for 2 computers connected to a Wlan port.
One would have to function as a server.
We got one of the computers ruing Edubunut.

And now comes my question.

What distribution of Linux would be best for the server.

Pleas now that the computer is a bit older and only has 1.5GB ram and about 80GB hard drive.

If you need more information to help us pleas say so.

I thank you for all helpful answers in advance.

akuthia 10-31-2011 12:02 PM

Well, school project questions like this are against the ToS, so u wont get any answers here likely...

ordinary 10-31-2011 12:18 PM

Asking the forum to directly answer homework problems may be against the rules (but it happens all the time here); in this case the OP just solicited some advice regarding choice of distribution. I'll be surprised if that violates any rules.

To the OP: if you get along with Edubuntu for the client, try it for the server. "Which distribution" questions are rarely productive. Many distributions will suffice as a simple file or web server.

Your typo (?) "computer seance" is quite appropriate today in my neck of the woods.

akuthia 10-31-2011 12:23 PM

Well, technically we don't know what the homework assignment is. it may be "Choose a linux distro for a server, and explain why you chose that"

ordinary 10-31-2011 12:34 PM

I suppose, but if we don't know what the assignment is, technically or otherwise, is it kind to assume the poster is breaking the rules?

We've gotten off track here, so I resign from the discussion.

janter 10-31-2011 01:11 PM

First we want to thank you all for answering so fast.

We believe that you want break any rules by helping us out a bit, simply because our teacher encouraged us to put the question into a forum.

And yes "computer seance" was a typo it should have been "computer science"

Anyway we thank you for all the post.
But this still leaves us with the question what OS we should use to create the file server.
We were hoping that one of you could tell us if there was a server OS that would fit perfectly on a old PC.

If this is still breaking the rules pleas tell us so that we can avoid doing it again in the future.

Should there be any typos we ask you forgiveness.

Thank you.

TobiSGD 10-31-2011 01:28 PM

At first, neither asking homework questions nor giving an answer to those is against the rules. Please re-read them. All the rules have to say about this is that the member shouldn't expect us to do their homework.

To your question, any distro will be able to run at those specs, especially because servers usually don't run with a graphical interface. Easy to setup should be Debian or Ubuntu server, also Slackware may be worth a try, because it has the most common servers pre-installed by default, but the learning curve will be steeper.
I don't know much about RPM-based distros, so I can't recommend one here, but I would think that CentOS also would be a good one.

chrism01 10-31-2011 08:03 PM

you're well withing to rules to ask for advice; that's different to asking someone to write prog for you (and it does happen !).

anyway, as above, if you're already happy with Edubuntu, try the Ubuntu Server edition

taylorkh 11-01-2011 12:33 PM

Hi janter,

A few of questions to help me to help you...

At what grade level is this project?
How much time to you have to complete the project?
Will the school let you zap the operating system on the PCs and install what you want?
Do you have a router available? Even a simple home use type?
Will the other PC be running Linux or Windows?

A PC with 1.5 GB of RAM and an 80 GB hard drive may be old but it will easily work as a server for the purposes of your project. Pending some more information about your project and the resources you have to work with, I might suggest putting together a bit of a plan or design for your LAN. I might start out as a list of questions. For example...

How will the files be served? Samba (for Windows or MAC clients) or SSH (good for any client OS with the correct client software)

How will the server and client obtain their IP addresses? A router is one way. Or you could setup DHCP services on the server. Or you could hard code the IP address on each machine.

What sort of security is required for the files?

The answers to these and perhaps some other questions will point to a solution. Still, the advise to simply stay with Edubuntu is sound. I believe all of the necessary "server" components can be installed within Edubuntu.

I look forward to hearing from you.


janter 11-03-2011 02:03 PM

Thank you Ken

So than we are in eleventh grade
The project is planed out to be presented in December
We have the complete control over the PCs (so we can do what ever)
Yes we do have a router that we can use
No we planed that both computer and server would run a Linux OS

For the server filing we were thinking about SSH (because as u sad, we can use it with many OS)

We haven't given much thought to the IP networking but dosent the router take care of that if we just connect the PCs to it??

There will be no need fr security.

Thank you

taylorkh 11-03-2011 03:40 PM

Eleventh grade... We didn't have computers when I was in the eleventh grade. Didn't have pocket calculators either. The first "pocket" calculator, the Sharp ELSI 8 came out about 3 years later. It was more of a shoebox size calculator than a pocket size calculator. My 11th grade science project had to do with recovering silver from photographic processing waste as I recall. I don't think I recovered any silver but I did do a good deal of literature research on the subject.

Back to your project... I think Edubuntu will be just fine. What version do you have installed? I will install a couple of test machines so I can follow along with you.

SSH will be a good starting point for file sharing. As an extra credit you might want to plug a Windows PC into your network at some point and connect to the Linux server. You can use a couple of free programs called putty and WinSCP.

The router will assign an IP address to each of the Linux machines. The question is - how will the client PC know what the server's IP address is? You and your team can do a little research on that and report back what you find.

Do you have a printer of some sort available? It would be nice to connect it to the server PC and share it so that it can be accessed by the client PC. When you and your team get the basic LAN working there are a number of other server services which could be installed such as Samba for sharing files and printers with Windows and Mac computers, a Web server with a couple of web pages, DNS etc.

Again, please let me know what version of Edubuntu you are using and how you get along with setting up SSH.


p.s. Feel free to share this thread with your teacher so he/she can scold me if I am giving you too much help :redface:

janter 11-06-2011 12:22 PM

First we have to thank you a lot taylorkh for you interest.

So fare we installed the 11.04 version of Edubuntu on the PC.

For the extra credit option with the Windows PC, we have not talked about that jet but we will tell you as soon as possible.

As for the IP setting, doesn't it work just like at a LAN party ?? Just tell the PC what the Gateway address and the IP ?
Because if it would work like that it should be easy right?

We haven't jet talked about extra services for the server, but we will debate it next time we have computer seance at school.

^^ our teacher sad that we will look into the thread from time to time but he sad that anybody can give us as much help as she/he want.

He wants us to get into the hole Linux community and tell him about our experiences :)

PS: So fare we could only tell him good things about it. ^^

pnmanojshenoy 11-07-2011 03:31 AM


As a default configuration DHCP will be enabled in the router so Ip will be automatically set in the server and client machine.

but it will be better if you give static IP to the the server.

taylorkh 11-07-2011 07:30 AM

Hello janter,

Edubuntu 11.04 should work fine. I now have it installed on a couple of machines. Are you using the Ubuntu Classic interface or the Unity interface? If I describe how to do something in the Classic interface and you are running Unity my instructions will not make any sense.

I don't know what a LAN party is. Perhaps you would explain.

As pnmanojshenoy stated DHCP will probably be enabled in the router. So here are your first 3 homework questions:

1 - What is DHCP and is it running on your router?
2 - What IP address has been assigned to your Exubuntu PC?
3 - pnmanojshenoy stated

it will be better if you give static IP to the the server
Why is this true?

Extra credit - How do you assign a static IP address to the server?


onebuck 11-07-2011 08:34 AM


Welcome to LQ!

Nothing wrong with providing aid to a student project, Especially when there is positive interaction from the students and allowed by the student's educator.

Good starting project that will lead to gainful experiences. I suggest that the student(s) look at Linux Home Networking which provides Linux help for Professionals, Students and Hobbyist.

Plus you can look at Server section of 'Slackware-Links' for more useful links. More than just SlackwareŽ links!

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