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Netmaster0000 12-12-2003 10:12 PM

Scheduling jobs
Just curious as to how to write a script to schedule regularly occuring jobs. Any example is acceptable

crabboy 12-12-2003 10:28 PM

An example of what you are trying to do may help. Do you want to use cron for your task?

contrasutra 12-12-2003 11:00 PM

look at cron.

"man crontab".

To edit your cron jobs, do "crontab -e".

Netmaster0000 12-13-2003 07:43 AM

Ok. Let's say i want to write one so that every time i log on it checks my current pid, my processes, and the overall processes on the system?

Even more so, how to i set the priority and then check the time the jobs took to process?

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