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dmg1111 01-30-2011 10:49 AM

Scaling to medium network
HI all,
I run a windows network with 300 pc's and 50 wireless laptops, Although a newbie, I like linux and love the principal of Open Source.
I'm unable to find while seaching the net examples of tools and practices which would organise clients into rooms allowing different software to be sent from the servers and different printers visible to the users?
Would it require opting for one of the linux distros which have a purchase licence option - Red Hat, Canonical, .....
Lots of other schools have different tasks around the network performed by Linux boxes but I've yet to here of any that see Linux as a network OS solution for their curriculum network, particularly in the UK, north midlands. PLease let on if you are aware of any? I would love to talk or visit
Once I've heard that it is all possible I have a lot to learn about the language and setting up, I've looked to see if there is any help which can be bought in. There is almost no one selling their services to aid installation - why is that?
Yours optimistic Dave

Tinkster 01-30-2011 12:35 PM

Hi, welcome to LQ!

It will depend on how your environment is set-up; if you were to use Linux
on all servers and clients RedHat and Canonical both provide viable solutions
that can be put into place (mind you, it's not going to be turn-key, looking
at all the features you ask).

If your environment is heterogeneous, and you need a turn-key solution I'm
afraid you'll have to cough up big money, IBMs tivoli and Novell's zenworks
spring to mind.


dmg1111 01-31-2011 01:31 PM

Thanks for reply,
I’m willing to do the studying but am trying to confirm what is possible as quickly as I can.
Any thoughts on how best to:-
Grouping PC’s to allow allocation of printers
Grouping PC’s to allow allocation of different software from the server
Is a small distro, iso selected to “auto install” from the server to build the clients, then extra software allocated, which one?
How are security updates rolled out to the clients?
While building clients across the network, when is the client name added

Thanks D

Tinkster 01-31-2011 02:39 PM

If this is going to be plain Linux (and you talking of a small distro gives the
impression) have a look at centos, spacewalk and OpenLDAP, these three together
should (we some good effort on your side) do all you ask.


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