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somniator 09-14-2003 10:50 AM

SB live 5.1 not working on rh9
hi all :)

i am using red hat 9 (kde) and i have a sound blaster 5.1 live card

the thing is , the machine does not see its existence

two i/o ports are automatically reserved for the sb game port and for the sb emu101k but

thats ALL , no sound, the soundcard detection program doesnt help

the kde control center says there is no information about my card

and every single time i log in any account i get the same error message (3 times for each login) saying that the sound device does not exist

anybody could help me with this??? its a pretty strange thing! judging by how much this card seels and how old she is one could think that all OS around would have drives for her but neither windows nor linux had :) at least i had the installation cd to make it work under windows tho and i cant see what to do on linux.

Demonbane 09-14-2003 01:02 PM

You can try this emu10k1 module:
works well for my audigy(it also supports sb live), and has the capability of redirecting inputs and outputs(useful if u use the digital output).

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