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Sneakeh 10-27-2004 03:36 PM

sata raid0 dual boot with winxp
This is my first time with linux ever, i am currently downloading FC3-test2-i386-DVD.iso off bittorrent. The dvd-version since i have no blank cds and a dvd is much handier.
Anyways, i have two 120 gb sata harddrives in raid0.
Is it possible dual booting with this system? And if so, how?
Any help would be appreciated!

PS. I tried running the SuSE livecd (dvd) but on boot, my monitor goes black and after a while the monitor gets no signal.. well, it cannot display the signal, sort of.

Thanks in advance!

finegan 10-27-2004 04:08 PM

Probably not. Linux has pretty much dropped trying to support ATA hardware raid. Its really not better then software raid, worse most times, so native linux drivers for the raid aspect of a card are pretty rare. Mostly this has to do with the hardware company not supporting Linux. The exceptions are scsi hardware raid cards and anything 3ware, those are all pretty much Out of the Box raid ready. The easiest way will be to use a 3rd drive.



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