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william43 07-29-2003 06:36 AM

Samba Question
I have 2 problems with samba server.
when i enter: nmbd -D, then i tried to killall nmbd, it shows no process. may i know why? if i enter: smbd -D. then enter killall smbd, it respond ok.
i have the feeling that the linux doesn't run the nmbd. may i know how to troubleshoot this problem?

second problem: if i enter a command in NT4 : ping, it respond ok. if i enter ping LServer, it shows Bad IP LServer.
In smb.conf, i already enter:
wins support = no
wins support = LServer

How to solve this problem?
My NT server 4 is currently running WINS service.

Pls assist.

irish_rover 07-29-2003 06:52 AM

There should be init scripts to start, stop, and restart the samba processes. Possibly under /etc/init.d depending on your distribution. If those exist, use those to start samba.

I use wins support=yes and it works fine, with a mix of Win 98, 2000, and XP.

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