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aeb105 08-16-2003 02:00 PM

Samba and Windows 2000
I have installed Samba on Redhat 9 and edited the smb.conf file to allow access to my Windows 2000 Server. I can see and access the Windows 2000 box through Network Servers. When I am on my Windows 2000 box I cannot find the Redhat 9 box in Network Neighborhood. How do I enable my 2000 box to see and grab files from my Redhat 9 box?:newbie:

Mathieu 08-16-2003 02:17 PM


I can see and access the Windows 2000 box through Network Servers.
Does this mean you can see the windows2000 box from Redhat ?
Can you ping it from Redhat ?

Are you using a WorkGroup or a Domain ?

Post your smb.conf

piratebiter 08-16-2003 02:17 PM

Hints I found useful when I did this;
First make sure ya' can see each other, same network?... ping Linux to Win and Win to Linux.
Next, the user names and passwords should be exactly the same for each box. To set up the Win user info go to users and groups and rt click the user or add it etc as needed... and make the two boxes user ID the same. The Linux box should now appear in your Network neighborhood, and you click it and it will ask you for a password... it knows you are the same user, it checked that... and you give it the password and voila you can see the folders on your Win box... open and use...
ps: my nickname for this is "talking to the devil"... your choice who is speaking but Bills box has a forked tongue. ;) don't give up trying this, once you see this trick it is pretty kewl.

david_ross 08-16-2003 02:18 PM

Have you started the samba server?
service smb restart

aeb105 08-16-2003 03:30 PM

Okay starting and restarting services worked, I think. Now I can see my Linux box in Network Neighborhood. But when I doubleclick to open it, I get the message, "A duplicate name exists on the network". The name it shows up as in Network Neighborhood is Localhost. How do I make it accessible? Thanks

david_ross 08-16-2003 03:38 PM

Thats odd. try editing smb.conf and changing the name then restart smb and try again. Can you access it with the ip address.

ezra143 08-16-2003 03:59 PM

which box is master browser? what do yo find under NBTSTAT and NET VIEW via command pormpt ?

aeb105 08-16-2003 07:04 PM

I am using Windows 2000 Server. From a command prompt when I type nbstat or netview I get "command not found". I will try the other things posted above now too.

aeb105 08-16-2003 07:06 PM

Ok. Sorry. Under net view, it shows me the computers on the network, but not who is the master browser. Where do I look for that?

ezra143 08-17-2003 04:56 PM

master browser is set in your networking setup. I am assuming that your 2003 server is unless you set os level in samba to like 100..... I was looking to make sure. Refsh your servers netbios names and see what happens, i believe this is under nbtstat.

aeb105 08-17-2003 05:36 PM

I am using Windows 2000 Server and using the command "nbstat" doesn't work.

ezra143 08-17-2003 05:44 PM

oops, nbtstat my bad

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