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salparadise 12-21-2002 05:26 AM

running shell scripts

i can't seem to run shell scripts....(embarassed blush)

i've never done this before (a little experience with DOS batch files a few years ago)...
i have a couple of files (quake3 demo and UT file) , the quake one shows up as and the UT one as My redhat "bible" and other linux book are less than explanatory on executing shell scripts.
I follow instructions and come up with" permission denied" whether i am user or su to root or logged in as root.

i feel like a caveman in a spaceship!


acid_kewpie 12-21-2002 05:29 AM

presumably you still need to set them as executable

chmod +x

then it should be executable with


salparadise 12-21-2002 05:40 AM

thankyou so much

caveman learning

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