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james_cwy 12-15-2003 12:14 AM

Running a terminal/prompt from PHP
This questions is related to linux + PHP. Did not really know where to put it, so put here. HOpe you do not mind.:)
Does anyone know how I can actually run a prompt/terminal from a PHP page in Redhat 9?
I would like to do this to run some shell scripts that in turn wil start up say eg tcpdump, p0f etc...

Normally for linux, right click on the desktop, new terminal then you get the prompt-
[root@lnx01 p0f]#
then you type eg tcpdump and it will run.

Assuming that PHP,Apache,Redhat is in computer A.
Using PHP in computer A to run the prompt
How can I do this?

If I am now physically at computer B-running eg windows but computer A is up, can I still use PHP accessed through computer B to run prompt/terminal and then type the program so it will run or run the script-by typing it to run the program?

Thanks a million

Apocalypse 12-15-2003 01:09 AM

Here you go, right in the good ol' PHP documentation. I highly suggest using it!

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