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baysie 07-07-2011 07:02 AM

Run winbind daemon with highest resource priority automatically?
Hi all,

Our RHEL5 & 6 systems use winbind for Active Directory user lookups. All works well, in a pretty standard configuration (done through system-config-authentication), apart from when certain users run intensive processes.

I've noticed that winbind appears to cease functioning when, understandably I guess, it's unable to secure sufficient RAM & CPU when other processes are maxing them out. At this juncture, I get an email from our users stating that they no longer have access to the server(s), and I have to log in via root and restart the winbind daemon - where all springs to life.

I have asked our users to utilise nice and ensure their applications run with the lowest priority, which has worked in most cases, however this is not an ideal solution. Rather, I'd prefer to ensure that winbind (and samba for that matter) always run with the highest resource priority to guarantee daemon uptime.

Does anyone know how this can be done automatically to winbind, so that every time the service starts it has the highest priority to CPU & RAM?

Failing that, is there another way I can ensure winbind always has sufficient resource to run (apart from buying more CPU's and RAM, ofcourse :twocents: )?

Thanks guys!

chrism01 07-10-2011 08:34 PM

I'd prob go into the /etc/init.d dir and add the relevant nice cmd to the script there. If it started by root, it should be able to 'raise' its priority.
If it runs inside a dedicated user, try this limits.conf.
Actually, this is the proper way to do it.
I don't have a Linux system in front of me right now ...

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