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suse7.1user 08-27-2003 06:04 AM

Rpms question
I want to install KDE 3 on my suse 7.1 system. I have found rpms for suse 7.2 but not for 7.1, can I use those? If not, does anyone know where to find them for 7.1.

I don't understand how system specific rpms are.

MasterC 08-27-2003 06:07 AM

Please do not post the same thread in more than one forum. Picking the most relevant forum and posting it once there makes it easier for other members to help you and keeps the discussion all in one place.

I understand you are new, so in the future, please don't double post, cross post, or things related ;)

For those interested in answering this question:

This thread will now be closed.

Thank You.

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