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behmjose 12-16-2003 11:34 PM

root mounted as read only
I just installed linux from scratch 5.0, and I booted and I have a problem I can't write to my system I recived this message when i logged in.

unable to change tty /dev/tty1: Read-only filesystem

The same is true for all my consoles, what did i do wrong?

thanks, behmjose

jailbait 12-17-2003 12:05 AM

"what did i do wrong?"

It is hard to say. /dev/tty* devices have a variety of configurations and there are a lot of them.
/dev/tty1 should be root root 600 Major=4 Minor=1
/dev/tty2 should be root root 600 Major=4 Minor=2
/dev/tty9 should be root root 600 Major=4 Minor=9

Then the rest of the /dev/tty* fall into three types although each has a unique Major and Minor number.

root tty 660
root tty 640
root uucp 660

So use another Linux OS to check the /dev files in the LFS partition to see if the ownership and permissions are reasonable.

"unable to change tty /dev/tty1: Read-only filesystem"

It is also possible that you booted into a read only / filesystem. Check /etc/fstab and your bootloader parameters.

Be prepared. Create a LifeBoat CD.

Steve Stites

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