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ashwini.naidu 12-22-2008 02:28 AM

Root login for GUI
I am using Debian machine. I had crashed the GUI. With the help of apt-get i installed the x-window-system (KDE). Using the GUI i am unable to login as root. but on the command prompt it is allowing me to login with same password for root.

if i enter the username as root and password

it displays a warning "ROOT logins are not allowed"

Help needed.

Thank you in advance

David the H. 12-22-2008 02:53 AM

It disallows this because you should never need to run a full gui environment under root. Since you generally only need root permissions for administrative functions, it should be sufficient to su into a root shell or use sudo to do whatever you need from a regular user account. If you need to run a gui program as root, there are ways to do that within your current user's X session, such as launching the program with kdesu.

If you'll tell us exactly what you're trying to do with your root login attempts, I'm sure we can give you some advice on how to accomplish it in a more secure fashion.

ashwini.naidu 12-22-2008 03:13 AM

It is a server. i need the gui for further use.

linuxlover.chaitanya 12-22-2008 03:17 AM

Though it is a server, root logins are not allowed in graphical interface. If it is a server and you an administrator, you will need to perform all the admin tasks through terminal only. This is a security thing that debian and some other distros like Ubuntu keep upto to secure your system.
Also, if it is a server why do want to install kde on it and use resources that you might use otherwise for what server is put.

AwesomeMachine 12-22-2008 04:39 AM

GUI as root is like running around your neighborhood without clothing, screaming 'shoot me', repeatedly.

linuxlover.chaitanya 12-22-2008 04:55 AM

Now that should explain good way why root logins in GUI are bad or how bad it can be.

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